Tech Specs


What goes into our Drinks


Our hemp comes from farms in Oregon that meet our strict standards. There are no traces heavy metals, pesticides, or any other contaminates. From there we have a third party create the extract we use in all of our drinks. It is using nanotechnology and is fully water-soluble to allow of easy absorption (more on that below).

Below is the COA for our extract so you know what we put in our beverages.


Extract - Broad Spectrum + Nano Encapsulation

All of our drinks are using broad spectrum CBD - to be technical Broad Spectrum, Nano-Encapsulated, Water Soluble CBD, not an isolate. Our products are all THC free but has more, different, cannabinoids, built to lift your day.

Our unique nano-encapsulation process enables our CBD to bypasses the liver and be absorbed in 30-60 SECONDS vs 30-60 Minutes. This also increases the body's absorption with over 20x improvement in bioavailability (how it is absorbed and used) and has 3-5x the potency of non-encapsulated products.


All of our flavors are all natural meaning they come from the fruit not some lab. The fruits are macerated to extract the natural oils and flavor of the fruit, strained, and then distilled to create a pure, concentrated, flavor.


We don’t any anything else. No salt, no sweeteners, nothing.