CUrrent products


All of our products are Zero Calorie, contain no sweeteners, and are all natural

We strive to make the best all-natural supplemental beverages for our customers. All of our suppliers are using best practices for creating the finest, all-natural, ingredients to deliver refreshing and pure flavors inspired by places all over the world.



For those who just want the benefits of hemp and nothing else, Pure is just that. It is triple-filtered water, our unique water-soluble hemp extract, and carbonation. Good for a pickup throughout the day or winding down at night.



Waikiki is a dose of tropical paradise. This all-natural beverage is inspired by the famous beach with the flavors of both papaya and lychee — both native to Hawaii. This all-natural sparkling beverage is made with our unique water-soluble hemp extract and natural flavor. It is great for a trip to the beach or just imagining you’re on one, anytime.